A Brush With Death

Blog 2252 – 12.19.2021

A Brush With Death

Yesterday, I experienced one of those harrowing brushes with death as my truck and trailer struck one of those concrete retainer walls on I-35 South near Dallas. My camper trailer began to swerve and I thought for a moment that I was going to end up side ways across five lanes of high speed traffic and cause a massive multi-car pile up and die causing the death of many others. That scenario did not play out. I was able miraculously to maintain control of the truck and trailer and continue on my journey home. The truck was only slightly damaged and the trailer a little more, but both are still road worthy for the last leg of my journey home to my wife today.

I am, as the first part I composed of the mantra that I recite aloud daily goes:

“…so glad and grateful that everything that I could ever want or need is already mine and coming to me at just the right time and in just the right way from my loving and infinite source.”

I believe there is a gift in everything that comes to us. I am alive and unhurt one more day. And “this is the day that the Lord and I have made and we will rejoice in it.” (That is another part of my daily mantra.)

The Old Testament asks, “Who is the Lord of Glory?”

Many think, and they are entitled to their opinion that Jesus is the answer to that question. The Apostle Paul, a once ardent and devout defender of the Jewish faith, became a follower of Jesus too, but also wrote:

I believe that everything that happens to us here and every person we meet is but one more clue to the puzzle that is us and to the answer to that eternal question, “Who is the Lord of Glory?” The short answer is “I am.” You are, we all are, each and everyone of us, a manifestation of The Divine One in all his/her wonderful and eternal glory.

Even my brush with death yesterday only served to remind me of Who and Whose I am. The Apostle Paul again, for you Bible lovers and even those of you who are not: “O death where is your victory? O death where is your sting?” And in another place, “The sting of death is fear, and perfect love casts out fear.”

A dear Christian lady from Coffeyville, Kansas started following my blog sometime ago. I was afraid that my take on Christianity and my skewed view of things would turn her off, but was surprised to see her still following my blog yesterday for she commented on my post “Coming To You From Salina, Kansas.” She wrote: “Greetings from neighbor in Coffeyville, Kansas.” Back at you neighbor and thank you, Cathy, for reading my blog and for realizing as I do with Esther for whom the last book to be canonized in the Old Testament is named (the committee of men who picked the “holy books” out of hundreds that were considered were reluctant to pick Esther because God’s holy name was not mentioned even once in the book) that she and we were all, “born into the kingdom for such a time as this.”

Soon and very soon this particular adventure in time and space will end for all of us and we will know even as we are known for sure and for certain who is the the Lord of Glory. As children many if not all of us loved to play “Tag you’re it.” I think we got that one right. My brush with death yesterday only made me more certain of that.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Fall In Love With Me

Author’s Note:

If the above sounds too much like a sermon or me trying to preach my own funeral. Let me say, that I believe Jesus came into this world as we all do to reflect Who and Whose we are. The law is but a bunch of rules that Ego designed and continues to concoct to make us believe we are all guilty, lost, and will ever been. Jesus knew better and when we are in our right mind (the same mind) we too remember Who and Whose we are. As I have said and will continue to, “You really did a wonderful job hanging that moon.” I know, because I had a hand in it too.

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