Coming To You From Salina, Kansas

Blog 2251 – 12.18.2021

Coming To You From Salina, Kansas

Over the six and a half years that I have been writing and posting this daily blog I have covered a wide range of topics and written from where I was at the time. To name just the towns where I was for more than a night or two during that time:

Crawfordsville, Indiana

Laramie, Wyoming

Naperville, Illinois

Birmingham, Alabama

Lone Rock, Wisconsin

Bemidji, Minnesota

Houston, Texas

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Bloomington, Indiana

Houston, Texas (again)

Norfolk, Nebraska

Of course, I was in many other places for shorter periods of time during the course of this blog, but the above I stayed in long enough to post more than one blog or two. Today, I am writing to you from Salina, Kansas where I stopped for the night on my way home to Houston from my last away work assignment in Nebraska.

I recall as a young man just starting college, after my active duty service in the military, hearing Carole King sing, So Far Away, in which she bemoans, “I sure hope the road don’t come to own me. You’re so far away. Doesn’t anybody stay in one place anymore?” Well, Carole, I have not left the planet yet, but if I get the chance I would love to write some encouraging word from there too.

I encourage everyone to get out of there comfort zone and start ticking off all those places you have always wanted to see and things you have always wanted to do. My dear departed mother, bless her heart, always wanted to see the Grand Canyon, but never did, at least not this go round. She died with a small fortune and could have easily afforded to hire a car and chauffeur to drive her there and back from Chattanooga many time. My dad’s oldest brother’s wife Sarah, also a widow, tried to convince my mom to take some bus tours with her across the country, but she would not. She could have seen it all, and I wish she had.

A few years after mom passed my lovely wife Linda, our teenaged, at the time, son Jonathan and I took a spring break road trip to Las Vegas. Linda loves to play the slots. On the way back we stopped to see the sunset over the wonderful Grand Canyon. I, of course, thought of my mom. She would have loved the view.

What destination is on your bucket list to see before you shed this mortal coil for as Monty Hall used to say, “Bigger deals again”? Linda and I have a Paris Fund we hope to spend after the Covid scare is passed and we want to take our little home on wheels from its soon to be storage place on the Stokes’ Farm in South Carolina up from there to Maine during the first of the fall color and follow it south till we have seen the trees in the several states putting on their party dresses.

One of Linda’s and my favorite songs is from The Lion King, The Circle of life and it says:

Just because we cannot see and do it all in one go round does not mean we should not try.

I’m in no hurry to leave the planet for there is so much here that I have not seen or done yet. I left each of the work crew members that I inspected for in Nebraska with my business card and told them if they ever wondered if ole Crazy Dave was still kicking to just check my blog, that I post every day and intend to as long as this journey lasts.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Headed back to Texas,

David White

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