The Ides Of December

Blog 2248 – 12.15.2021

The Ides Of December

Though perhaps not as often mentioned as the ides of March, the middle of December is proclaimed by many holiday, fans big and small, as “Almost Christmas.” About a week earlier in the month, the seventh to be precise, in nineteen forty one FDR proclaimed it, “A day that will live in infamy” because of the Japanese Pearl Harbor surprise attack.” After four years of terrible war and two terrible atomic bombs were dropped on Japan their war economy and will to fight was crushed and for years they produced cheap nick knacks and toys for all the girls and boys and later transistor radios and small tape recorders for those growing teenagers, and then TV sets, stereos, and very reliable cars for the young parents they grew into, most of whom no longer recall that infamous early December day.

Conservative fundamentalist Christians have bemoaned all my life and longer what they refer to as “the materialization of Christmas” as I am sure the pagans before them once bemoaned “the Christianization of Saturnalia, the Roman holiday once celebrated from December 17th through December 27th each year in the empire.

As an aside here, the movie Roman Holiday with the lovely young Audrey Hepburn and the handsome Gregory Peck is one of my favorite holiday movies that is not about Christmas. Christmas was my mother’s favorite holiday and she made sure if was for both her surviving sons. Even for the years my faith in God might have disappeared I kept hanging in my closet and in my heart a Christmas slogan complete with Christmas colors of red and green that read, “Believe.”

Over the years I have discarded many beliefs that I found were no longer serving me. I still question periodically all of my beliefs to see if there are candidates for retirement. Belief in the Spirit of Giving or Christmas has never yet been a serious candidate for retirement.

This Christmas I am retiring from my day job, for the last ten plus years as a traveling contractor inspector in the oil and gas industry. I hope those I leave behind will find gainful employment in other industries in the years to come and that someday this industry will be like one of those once cherished beliefs that we have wisely discarded for the sake of our selves, our children, our grand children and our home planet.

Whatever you choose to name this holiday season, I wish you each and all a happy and merry one surrounded by family and friends. Whether you believe in Santa or your loving and infinite source she/he believes in you and keeps on sending you gifts like sunshine and rain to remind you how very loved you are on this holy day. “Thank you for this day, Spirit, I am holy, I am whole.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Before this week is out I will be, like the birds, headed south to spend another Christmas in Dixie, with my loving and lovely wife.

Christmas In Dixie

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