We Always Win In The End

Blog 2202 – 10.28.2021

We Always Win In The End

This story has a happy ending, we can be sure that if all around us seems chaos, sadness, disappointment, and destruction that it is not the end of the story yet.

I am reminded of the story of an old Christian missionary who was coming home from a forty year foreign mission field assignment on a steam ship. There was on the ship a famous celebrity returning home from performing abroad to large crowds of adoring fans. The star was met at the dock with a big brass band, confetti, and a large cheering crowd as he came down the gang plank. Later after the noise and crowd were gone the bent over old servant made his way slowly down the confetti littered gang way. Feeling especially tired from his long voyage home and disappointed that not even one person was there to welcome him he muttered trying to hold back the tears, “Forty long years of devoted service and not even one voice to meet me with ‘Welcome Home.” No sooner had he said it than a sweet voice came to him, “You’re not home yet.”

There is, I believe, a special home coming awaiting all of us, when we finally get Home. There were big parades for the Dessert Storm soldiers who came home after their short victorious war in 1991. The last American soldiers returning from our twenty year engagement in Afghanistan are not being welcomed with parades. My war, the Vietnam War, fifty years ago, was so unpopular that we were told to take off our uniforms as soon as we got off the plane coming back so that no one would spit on us. There were no parades or brass bands to greet us.

I met a man some years ago, a fellow Vietnam Vet, who said that every time he stood before a group he would ask, “Are there any other Vietnam War veteran here today, please raise your hand.” Invariable several hands would go up and he would say, “Welcome home, Brother.”

On my “rain day” off work yesterday I did a little shopping and as I was leaving one store a couple about my age was coming in the store. The gentleman opened the door for the lady and I noticed he was wearing a Vietnam Veteran cap and so I said, “Welcome home, Brother.” It surprised him a bit, but he smiled.

We are not Home yet, but rest assured that the feast and festivities are being prepared. I love the Prodigal Son parable and think it was one of Jesus’ best, especially the line, “Get a ring, get a robe, kill the fatted calf, let us make merry for my son (my child) is home.” Such a welcome awaits every beloved child. Have not seen it yet? Forgive me for pointing out the obvious again, but we are not Home yet.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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