A Few Encouraging Words

Blog 2195 – 10.21.2021

A Few Encouraging Words

It is a small gift that we can give to everyone we come in contact with each day and there is no more certain way to make this a better brighter world. In any given day we are bound to encounter discouraging words, I am reminded of a Peanuts cartoon strip I saw once where Linus, Charlie Brown’s brainy sidekick, quotes a line from the Bible, “Man is destined for trouble as the sparks fly up.”

I have like a long line of our ancestors sat before campfires at night and watched the sparks fly upwards from the burning wood. And the line from the huckster in The Music Man, echoing “There is trouble in River City” is an almost constant refrain.

Still waiting on those few encouraging words? Well, here they are – “You are alive, take heart, the best is yet to be, visualize it, expect it, and you will discover that a few even very dark cloud can never stop the sun from shining during the day nor the stars at night. From those first words. “Let there be light” there has been a light at the end of the tunnel and there always will be.

Take heart, the best is yet to be.

Your friend and fellow traveler

David White


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