Coming Out Of Retirement – Dee Jay the Clown

Blog 2168 – 09.23.2021

Coming Out Of Retirement – Dee Jay the Clown

Thirty-two years ago before my son Jonathan was born I was already a practiced clown, not professionally, just on weekends for family and friends, mostly birthday parties.

The first time I ever dressed up like a clown was for a children’s church promotion in a large bus ministry program when my daughter Emily was a little girl.

I loved clowning and got quite proficient at making balloon animals once upon a time. But after my children were grown I guess I had less and less reason to dress up as Dee Jay the Clown. Some years ago I even gave away my Santa suit including the wig and beard and shiny black boots and also my Dee Jay the Clown bag with all it took to transform mild mannered David James White into much more entertainingly wild Dee Jay the Clown.

This past Spring my son got married and he and his wife Lauren are hoping to start a family soon. Shortly after this Nebraska work assignment began in June I decided this would be my last rodeo because I miss my lovely and loving wife Linda too much and it is high time that I retired. Shortly after that and thinking about a possible life with grandchildren I decided to bring Dee Jay out of retirement. I am currently gathering my outfit for launching a new clown franchise. I even bought a old suitcase yesterday that I plan to keep all my clown stuff in.

No news on the grand baby or grand babies front just yet, but rest assured that Dee Jay will be all dressed up and ready to make balloon elephants, bunnies, and dogs of all shapes and sizes and giraffes with long, long necks. Cautionary Note: Balloons are a choking hazard for babies and small children, never leave them unsupervised with balloons. Dee Jay knows that and a lot of other tricks and is so ready to come out of retirement. Grand babies that’s your cue.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Dee Jay the Clown,

also known as David White

Saved The Best For Last

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