Hang On, Don’t Let Go

Blog 2155 – 09.10.2021

Hang On, Don’t Let Go

I have written more than once about the importance of letting go beliefs that are no longer serving us, jobs that we no longer enjoy, and even people that do not see and appreciate the best in us. It is said one of the things that proves we are adults is the ability to hold two opposing thoughts in our mind at the same time. As true as the importance of being able to let go is, it is equally important that we know when, what, and who to hold on to.

It was said, by way of tribute to his honesty, that our first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, had millions of dollars pass through his hands and not a penny stuck.” Sadly, according to my latest earnings statement from The Social Security Administration they same can be said of me. Before Covid-19 arrived I had squirreled away funds that I hoped would carry me and my lovely and loving wife Linda into a comfortable retirement. A year and a half of no work and too many unpaid debts and commitments to keep and that too slipped through our hands. I took this work assignment beginning the first of June expecting it to last six months and thinking I would try to work another five years and put back those cash reserves, but soon realized that a life apart from my wife, my family, is something I no longer wish to pursue.

When I met Linda again, almost thirty four years ago, I had already married and divorced twice and was separated pending a divorce from my third wife. Three women had let me go. My mom the one true love in my life up to that point upon meeting Linda later took me aside and said, “You know this woman is never going to let you go.” I think there were times I thought that was a cautionary remark, but have come to believe otherwise. Mom in her motherly wisdom was saying, “She’s a keeper, do your best to hold on to this one.” And I, by the grace of my loving and infinite source, have. Linda and I celebrated our thirty second wedding anniversary last August the tenth and I love her more with every passing day and can hardly wait for this my last rodeo to be over. Like George Strait’s wonderful song Amarillo By Morning, I have loved and lost (let go of) several wives and girl friends along the way, but this one I intend to hold on to and spend what days I have left growing old together with her.

Hold on tight, Baby.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

It is Twofer Friday for this singing cowboy.


Amarillo By Morning


What Makes You Stay

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