If I Could Teach One Lesson What Would It Be?

Blog 2154 – 09.09.21

If I Could Teach One Lesson What It Would Be?

On my personal business card, not the day job one, but the business card I am most about, one of the several things I list myself as is a teacher. To be sure I have no degree in teaching or teacher’s certificate though my first college experience was a Bachelor of Science Degree program in Elementary Education. I did not finish the first semester. I did a few years later complete 82 semester hours toward a degree in Bible and Sociology, but I did not finish that either. I tease that all I learned in college was a hand trick where I hold a ping pong ball in my hand and smack it with the other hand creating a loud pop as the ball flies out of my closed hand and hopeful strikes a target of opportunity.

I do not consider myself a failure nor a quitter though some might. I do not believe that life is about winning or losing, but rather about winning and learning. If there was only one lesson that I could pass on to people it is this, the thing that bothers us the most has the potential if we allow it to become our best teacher.

I have heard people say, “Why does it always have to rain and spoil our plans?” Farmers learned a long time ago what a silly and unlearned question that is. Rain has in every drop a lesson to teach us about the water of life. We can if we let ourselves change our minds. Indeed no one else can do that for us.

I like to twist old sayings around to see them from different angles. Greater truths can, I think, be seen from a slightly skewed view. One such twisted saying is: “In to every rain a little life must fall” and another is “He or she can hardly lose for winning.” Get the point? We can always use a little rain. It takes rain and sunshine to grow all the pretty flowers and yes all the delicious things we eat. Hug a farmer today and try to see the lesson in that thing that bugs you to distraction. Someone is trying to get your attention to teach you something.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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