In A Few Well-Chosen Words

Blog 2150 – 09.04.2021

In A Few well-Chosen Words

I so admire those who are able to say or to write in a few well-chosen words exactly what they want to communicate. I am a much wordier guy and tend to ramble around before finally getting to my point. It is said that their are a limited number of story and movie plots and that the multitude of those written and told are but variations on those few themes.

My theme, my intent, in these blogs as I have mentioned before is three fold: To entertain, to enlighten, and to encourage. Poets, singers, and song writers, all creative people, and we all have a deep creative streak, want to create something beautiful and lasting. Time was when people so treasured cards and letters that they saved everyone, tied in ribbons, and put away to read again and again.

Somewhere we seem to have misplaced the importance of love notes, sending and receiving, and are as the song says stuck on this broken merry go round, “the checks always cashing to buy a little more distraction.” But we can if we choose stop the music, stop the spinning, and get off the ride. This is your life, and this is my life, and you and I call the shots. It is not happening to us, we are the creators, the orchestrators making it happen.

Remember when you hung the moon and the stars, perhaps not, but you did and so marvelously. There is still so much empty space to fill. It is high time we got of that silly ride and got back to work creating bigger and better attractions, exciting and more thrilling rides.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Broken Merry Go Round

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