The Joys of Knitting and of Driving

Blog 2138 .08.23.2021

The Joys of Knitting and of Driving

And first, I am not talking about the fun pastime you Yarn Barn addicted folk find knitting and pearling your soft, comforting, and colorful creations. Rather I am referring to the quote, “O sleep, that knits the raveled sleeve of care.” I think most of us are daily in need of some serious sleeve repair, making z’s, sailing off to the Land of Nod, or just enjoying a long winter’s (or summer’s, or spring’s or fall’s) nap. Little is more refreshing, rejuvenating, or as healthy for us as a good night’s rest.

I did not sleep well or for very long Friday night and though I slept better Saturday evening, I awoke Sunday morning with a sore neck and a headache that lasted till noon. The heating pad and two doses of aspirin finally put the sore neck and headache to sleep. I nodded off early last night, had a nice long nap, and awoke refreshed without a stiff sore neck or head ache this morning.

I read several years ago that most all of us have a sore spot where stress and worries find a home. For some of us it is an aching back, neck, head, or queasy stomach. Like surgery patients who ever after surgery can feel weather changes in their surgery site these sore spots are symptoms that we need to deal with a deeper underlying problem.

We have been indoctrinated by big Pharma and their representatives in medicine that there is a pill for everything. There is not, though I do not discount the progress modern medicine has made treating some symptoms and lessening pain and even lengthening lives. However, the best and most honest doctors and pharmacists will tell you that the three best miracle cures are a good diet, plenty of exercise, and a good night’s sleep. That is because like any well designed machine our bodies were made to run best properly fueled, properly used, and well-maintained. The Great Designer, or Guider of Evolution, has equipped the the human race with spirit vehicles that fed properly, and taken out for regulars spins, are even capable to a large degree of self-maintenance if given adequate down time to accomplish that nightly miracle.

The clarion cry is, “Awake, O Sleeper, from your sleep.” But not so fast, get your full R & R ( Rest and Relaxation or even better Rest and Revitalization). Allow those dream weavers adequate time to do their work and re-knit those care worn sleeves, iron out all those kinks, and soothe those aches and pain’s away.

Wishing each and everyone a good Monday with equal parts work and play, with plenty to eat and drink, and a restful night’s sleep to follow.

“When peace like a river

Attendeth my way

Or sorrows like sea billows roll

Whatever my lot

Thou hast taught me to say

It is well, it is well,

With my soul.”

My, that is quite a sporty spirit vehicle you are tooling about in. Make sure to cool those jets periodically. I mean get plenty of restful sleep.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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