Gifted, Practiced Or Both

Blog 2137 – 08.22.2021

Gifted, Practiced, Or Both

Whether one is talking about baseball or writing, the arts or crafts, the subject usually comes up of which is more important, natural talent or practice. Like most if not all either/or questions the best answer is not A nor B but C – Both.

With only rare exceptions is one so talented or gifted that they come right out of the box with a home run or a best seller. My wife is a great baseball fan, as my mother was, and she was sharing with me over the phone about a young Houston Astro’s player’s performance in a recent game which she thought was his first or second at bat in the major leagues and how he Pow he banged a screamer over the fence, a homer with the bases loaded. He was so surprised that he held up on third base, thinking it was only a triple and then had to be waved home by his coaches and fellow players. Trust me that is rare, even the greats like Babe Ruth had to get a lot better with practice before they had their first grand slam home run in the majors.

Friends and my small, but devoted, circle of fans tell me that I have a gift for writing. Whether that is so or not, my readers must judge, but I do stay at it and so I hope to enhance whatever talent is there and make the most of it. I also have enjoyed singing since I was a boy singing from the hymn books in church. The last two time that I attended Sunday morning church services, once in 2012 in Kenai, Alaska and the last time a couple of months ago here in Norfolk, Nebraska, I was disappointed both times that those two churches and as I understand most modern Christian churches no longer use hymnals or choirs, but have an ensemble up front and overhead projections of mostly choruses. I knew not even one of the songs they sang, but I tried to sing along anyway though I no longer believe many of the things they sang with such devotion. I still believe that words put to music have a power that neither words nor music alone do to change our hearts and minds.

The old saying is, “Practice makes perfect.” Even after years at their craft vocalists like Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley still spent hours a day rehearsing before nightly singing songs that they had performed many times. Their recordings are usually what they considered some of their most practiced efforts.

Over five years of posting a new blog every day, I have discovered that even the most inspiring thought can be polished and improved till it really shines. You may be thinking, maybe I should have polished this one a little longer. Maybe so, but that is the thing, at some point you just have to shout, “That’s enough, I’m done” and hope you have prepared a meal that is both tasty, satisfying, and nutritious. Truly encouraging words usually are.

My daughter Emily studied to be a chef and practiced her gift and craft for several years. She was taught that Presentation, Presentation, Presentation were the three most important words in a fine dining experience. I love the Be Our Guest song from Disney’s Beauty And The Beast, both the animated and live action versions. Whether you came to my table for just a sample or to enjoy the whole meal I hope you found something worth your while.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Be Our Guest

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