Grandma’s Hands

Blog 2135 – 08.20.21

Grandma’s Hands

I love Bill Wither’s song Grandma’s Hands. I had thought about doing a karaoke style cover of it changing a few words to make it my own like changing Grandma to Lily and using mine and my mom’s name in place of Billy and Mattie the way Bill does it. But then I so love the way Bill sings his song that it just felt sort of wrong to mess with perfection. Instead I will just include a link at the end of this blog so you can click and hear Bill sing it for yourself.

The only grandma that I ever knew was my mother’s step-mom, Lilly. She came into my mother’s life shortly after her birth mother died when she was a little girl. Lilly was quite young when she married my Paw Paw and took on the role of wife and mother to four children and then had four more to add to the mix. My Mom always called her Lilly as did her older sisters and one younger brother who shared the same birth mom. Lilly was my one and only Grandma. And her hands were as precious to me as Billy’s Grandma’s were to him.

With our one and only son Jonathan finally married to his Lauren, my wife Linda and I are contemplating being Grandparents in the near future. No announcement along those lines yet but we were put on notice before they married that biological clocks were ticking and they were planned on getting busy right after the wedding trying to start a family. They are both thirty-one with their formal educations complete and both have good paying careers underway. They have bought a home and well neither of us will be surprised if that announcement is made in the near future.

It is too late for 2021 to be Baby’s First Christmas, but maybe 2022 and with three two’s in the year I am kind of hoping for twins, a boy and a girl. I have not mentioned that to Jay and Lauren and probably won’t. We will all just wait and see what the Universe has in store.

My lovely and loving wife Linda is a wonderful mother and I am sure that she will be a wonderful grandmother. Lauren’s parents will be wonderful grandparents too. I am coming late to the idea of being a Paw Paw. I never thought I would be as excited as I am about the possibility or even want to be around to watch another little one or ones grow-up as I did my daughter and son. But Now I know I would not miss it for the world.

And at my age, I wonder how much of that growing up process I will get to be a part of or for how long. We shall see. But I know J and A’s little ones will have lots of loving hands to hold on too, especially two sets of loving grandma’s hands.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

And Grandpa in waiting in the wings.

Link to Grandma’s Hands

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