Love Letters In The Sand

Blog 2134 – 08.19.2021

Love Letters In The Sand

In nineteen-fifty-seven crooner Pat Boone had a hit single called “Love Letters In The Sand.” Like many romantic love songs it speaks to the fleeting and temporary nature of most of the lesser loves. Another song that was quite popular with young people a few years later, “Traces” also speaks to the debris of ship-wrecked love.

Whether we keep them or not we all have pages from old love letters tucked away in our hearts that remind of us of love that didn’t work out right. Those fortunate ones of us have come to experience a lasting love that did work out right. I happen to believe with the old poet speaking of romantic love that it is “better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

I have been at this blog almost five and a half years. Many love relationships and even marriages do not last that long and many love letters are never answered. I like to think of these blogs not as love letters written in the sand that will be quickly washed away by the waves and forgotten, but as more lasting reminders that you, that we, are loved, lovable, and altogether lovely.

Time was, not so long ago that many pretty ladies among their treasures kept slacks of love letters tied in ribbons, reminders of young and passionate love. Passion and love letters are not just for the young, but for everyone. This love note is not unlike the proverbial note in a bottle cast into the sea, the same sea that erases love letters written in the sand guides notes in bottles often to distant shores. Wherever you are reading this, whoever you are, know this – you are loved and for every love that didn’t work out right there is One that has and forever will.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

To Make You Feel My Love

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