Loving More

Blog 2129 – 07.24.2021

Loving More

I often find an encouraging word and daily inspiration in Mike Donley’s brief and so spot on Notes from the Universe. Yesterday’s was one that hit the spot for me. We are many, if not most of us, I think, like turtles, hard shelled on the outside but soft and vulnerable on the inside. Building higher thicker walls is not the answered to security and well-being, rather the answer in two words is, “Loving More.”

Loving more, allows us more time to examine the true motives behind the aggressive behavior of others which is more often that not just a response to our on defensive postures. What we think are evil and senseless acts seldom if ever really are, but just reactions to our own behaviors and postures. Our world and those around us mirror back at us our blind spots and help us to see more clearly if we open our eyes to the truly wonderful world around us.

Pearl Harbor and even Nine Eleven where not “senseless acts of mad men” as they were quickly portrayed in the news accounts of the day. Horrendous and despicable as those events were with terrible loss of life they were reactions to embargoes, invasions, and atrocities that we had committed first. Even the storied Cuban missile crisis that held this country in suspense and the world for those dark days during October of 1961 was less an aggressive act by Russian Communists in concert with Cuban ones than it was a reaction to the United States installing tactical nuclear missiles in Turkey close to the border of the U.SS.R. Our move prompted their move in the deadly game of oneupmanship that has preceded so many wars in the past and was only narrowly avoided then because cooler heads on both sides prevailed despite all the bluster and bravado. The real reason the Russians backed down was because so did we from our ill-advised deployment of nukes in Turkey.

More guns, bigger aircraft carriers, more nukes (An eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth) has never been nor can ever be the answer to world peace and personal happiness. Two words again, More Love. But you say I just can’t love any more. Sure we can when we get it from the main vine, our loving and infinite source. Be sure to check your connection and remove any obstructions. Letting go of any beliefs that no longer serve us is a good way to maintain a freer flow of love and ideas. Too often it is beliefs that we should have outgrown long ago that limit our capacity and ability to love.

Free your mind and your heart and all the rest will follow.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


What A Wonderful World

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