The Things I Love Most About Dolly

Blog 2127 – 07.22.2021

The Things I Love Most About Dolly

If you know me or are around me for very long, you have learned or will that I appreciate big breasts. And, yes, all you would-be psychologists and psychiatrists out there, I am aware how immature that sounds especially added to my special fondness for being called Baby. If the shoe or moniker fits, wear them proudly. I like the guy who unashamedly sings, “I like big butts” happily confess that I love big breasts.

But the two things that I admire most about Dolly are not her amply enhanced Ta Ta’s but her courage and her passion to uplift others. Dolly grew up a poor little flat chested girl in the hills, we call them mountains, of East Tennessee. I grew up there too, also a poor and skinny kid. Many poor people never get over the deprivations of an impoverished childhood. Some think hoarding is one symptom of having had to do without too much as a child. Perhaps the philanthropic urge to share all we have with others less fortunate than us is also a symptom of trying to make up for deprivations we once felt as children.

Bigger than her always overflowing chest is Dolly’s big overflowing heart. Heart, courage, and compassion – she is definitely a triple threat and I bow to the divinity of our beloved American Treasure Chest – Dolly Parton. Namaste.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Honoring Big Hearted Dolly, still a pretty Bunny at Seventy Five this year,

David White

Note: For her long time husband Carl Thomas Dean’s seventy-ninth birthday this year Dolly surprised him wearing a costume similar to the one she wore on the cover Playboy Magazine 43 years ago, in 1978. What a Honey Bunny wife. Carl and I both are fortunate to have loving and lovely wives. Here is a little vocal tribute made popular years ago by Lionel Richie and the Commodores to all the triple threats out there in all their various shapes, colors, and sizes, to all the pretty and precious baby dollies.

Three Times A Lady

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