A Few Well Chosen Words

Blog 2126 – 07.21.2021

A Few Well Chosen Words

It is the wish of everyone aspiring writer with a few well chosen words to inspire, encourage, and entertain his or her audience. I began this blog over five years ago with the goal of becoming a better writer by practicing my craft and at the same time building a platform, a following, that I hoped would one day make it possible for me to publish a book that I had written about my dear departed daughter Emily.

That book is available on this blog for anyone who wishes to read it. I published it here the first three July(s). That would be July 2015, 2016, and 2017. Another of my goals when I fist began this blog was to build a body of work that would survive me. Many writers, even those who believe this one brief life is all we get, seek a sort of immortality in their written words and hope that a few well chosen words will survive them.

My only son, Jonathan, who turned thirty-one in April, married his beloved Lauren on May 22nd. They are planning to start a family right away. At seventy, almost seventy-one, my wife, Linda, and I are thrilled at the prospect of finally getting to be grandparents. Many potential grandparents have a preference for what term of endearment they would like for their grandchildren to call them. Linda and I have given it some thought. I called the only grandpa I ever knew, Paw Paw. That would be okay with me or Papa, Gramps, or even Pop Pop. Grandkids often pick their own names for you. My brother’s children behind her back called my mom, Granny Grump, because she was so often not a happy camper. It would have broken her heart to think that was how they saw her. Children and grandchildren do see us and they even listen when we think they are not paying not attention.

Linda and I had Jonathan later in life than many parents have their children. We both turned forty the year that he was born and were a bit anxious that either or both of us might not be around to see him grown and on his own. And we of course wonder how long we will share this stage with any grand babies that might soon make their walk ons in this play. They will, as soon as they learn to talk, be writing their own lines, a few well chosen words most likely what they have overheard their parents or grand parents say.

Before you ask your child or grandchild, “Who taught you to use a word like that?” look in the mirror and listen to the words that come most often out of your mouth. Imagine your little one saying, “I mirror you.”

Chose your words wisely, like bread upon the water, they have a way of echoing back to us in little voices that can break our hearts or make us happier than we ever dreamed possible. Oh, the power of a few well chosen words.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

With two well chosen words, “Grand Babies.”

David White

P.S. No pressure, Jay and Lauren, take your time, this is something you want to get right from the start.


Pop Pop


One Boy, One Girl

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