Happy Birthday, Baby

Blog 2120 – 07.15.2021

Happy Birthday, Baby

Baby is a special term of endearment that I use for my loving and lovely wife Linda. In fact I use it more often with her than her given name. Forty-one years ago today Emily Elaine White, another precious baby was born and from our first walk together from the hospital delivery room to the nursery when she latched on to my finger with her tiny hand she had my heart completely wrapped around her little finger. My baby girl Emily knew exactly how to move me and she did especially with her voice and that endearing crooked little smile of hers.

One of my favorite Emily songs is one she that sent me on a Father’s Day mixed CD on which she played her guitar and sang what I call the Baby Song because of a line in it that says, “I love the way you call me baby.” A couple of years after she passed I tried to sing along with her and make it a duet. I am well aware whose is the better voice, hers of course, but it still means a lot to me that I got to sing the Baby Song with my Baby.

Happy Birthday, my Sweet Girl. By now I am sure you are on a new adventure in time and space. Such an adventurous spirit would given the choice always say of the traditional idea of an afterlife that that sort of Heaven can wait. There are just too many scenarios to act out in this time space jungle, too many people to meet and love, and too many new songs yet to be sung. If Emily started a new adventure right away she or he would be nine years young today. At nine you were so divine and evidently an old soul by the way you seemed to know instinctively how to enjoy life. I hope our paths cross again and again as I have a feeling that they will in all these adventures in paradise.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Sharing the Baby Song with my Baby on her birthday,

David White


A Duet With My Baby

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