My Nebraska Experience

Blog 2118 – 07.13.2021

My Nebraska Experience

I have been living and working now in Nebraska for almost a month and a half and I must say my Nebraska experience has been far more colorful and fun than the 2013 movie called Nebraska staring Bruce Dern. Bruce is fourteen years older than I am so I am near the age he was when he made his Nebraska movie. It was a darker version of getting older than I prefer ( I also prefer the phrase “getting younger.”)

Life, as they say, is what you make it. Each morning I get to take a lovely forty one mile drive from Norfolk, Nebraska, where I am staying, north to Wayne, Nebraska where my work assignment is. Highway 35 runs though rolling corn covered country with huge wind turbines generating electric power for the area. The giant pin wheels spinning are a sight to see at sunrise. I have seen a lot of this big beautiful spinning blue ball in space, enough to know there is much I hope yet to see this go round.

Bruce Dern has played a host of characters in his long running career. I, too, have played a few roles, perhaps not as many bad guy roles as Bruce, but then some might be debate that statement. We all want to believe that we are the hero of our story. Even Adolph Hitler loved dogs and anyone who loves anyone or anything cannot be all bad. There is goodness, the God spark I like to call it, in all of us. Some of us seem to fan that spark more than others.

One of Norfolk, Nebraska’s favorite sons, long time Tonight Show host, Johnny Carson, entertained us nightly for many years with his wit, and skill at drawing the best out of people. It was no magician’s trick, though he had long practiced slight of hand, Johnny was a natural at seeing and helping us see the best in others. Nebraska is a lovely state, full of lovely people. It is not just a red state, but an all-American, red, white, and blue state.

The corn is getting taller every day. My two month work assignment looks like it will be more like five so I will most likely be here for the county and state fairs with their roasted sweet corn. I look forward to that. Last Friday night in Wayne,Nebraska was the annual Chicken Show. I did not stay in town for it. I have seen the chicken dance performed more than a few times in my home state of Texas and figured I would skip that local festival. I do not plan to miss the roasted corn though.

If you get a chance, do try it at a state or county fair near you. Like the chicken dance Nebraskans do not have a corner on corn they just grow a lot if it here. They do not call this the Corn Husker State for no reason.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Travelin’ Man

Even Rick Nelson’s fantasy, one shared by many men, fades next to the reality of having one lovely girl waiting at home for us. My loving and lovely wife, Linda, waiting for me in Houston, Texas is my brandy, my candy, and she alone makes me feel heroic, daring, and dandy. Here’s to a happy home coming soon from Nebraska.

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