Not Just Clowning Around

Blog 2111 – 07.06.2021

Not Just Clowning Around

Over the long Fourth of July weekend I had a lot more time to miss my wife and so I decide to look at some of my favorite pictures of her. This is one of my favorites, taken at a friend’s daughter’s birthday party just a few weeks before our son Jonathan was born. She so loved being pregnant and I so loved clowning around for her.

Her lovely smile was all the pay I ever wanted for clowning. Friend’s and family birthday parties was my preferred venue. This particular birthday party was a skating party so Dee Jay the clown brought his roller skates along with his rainbow umbrella.

I retired from clowning years ago, at least putting on the make-up, wig, and red nose. I do so still love to see my Linda smile. I know some people find clowns scary. Why, some children even find Santa scary. I have not worn my Santa suit in several years either. With the possibility of grand babies in the future perhaps Dee Jay and Santa Baby may have to come out of retirement just as ole Dave is planning to retire his hard hat, high-visibility vest, and safety-toed boots. I liked the yellow and red ones better anyway.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Alias Dee Jee and Santa Baby,

David White

There she is, our Emily, The Little Girl Who Sang Her Song For Anyone Who Came Along. I miss that crooked little smile. Anyone wishing to read the thirty-two chapter book I wrote about our dear departed girl can just scroll down through these posted blogs back to one of the first three July’s that I posted and find the whole book published in daily installment through out the month that I still refer to as the month of Emily. It was the month she came to us and also the month she left us. Thank you Emily for thirty-two wonderful years.


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