Every Choice Changes Tomorrow

Blog 2110 – 07.05.21

Every Choice Changes Tomorrow

On Saturday I saw The Tomorrow War with Chris Pratt (Star Lord of The Guardians of the Galaxy) on Prime Video. It reminded me of Interstellar with Matthew McConaughey and it was an even more exciting ride than the Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard that I also saw Saturday, only in a movie theater. It was even without twins to rival Salma Hayek’s the more exciting of the two movies. This morning it is my plan to write a blog tribute about both movies. And for those who know what a breast man I am I will try to resist making it all about Salma’s twins. And he breathed a prayer, “Ah Men and Ah Women.”

Having seen the first movie, The Hitman’s Bodyguard, I was expecting an action film with a lot of shoot ‘em up, bang, bang. I was not disappointed and of course Salma’s assets were featured even more prominently than in the first movie. Spoiler alert the hitman’s wife gets both her body guarded and in the end of the movie gets her baby boy too. WTF. With lots of car chases, gun fights, explosions, funny lines, and more than ample potty mouth, this movie definitely kept ole Sleepy Dave awake.

I am always eager to see a new time travel movie and The Tomorrow War unlike so many pushed all the right buttons. The lizard-like alien invaders in the future wanted to use mankind as food and drive us to extinction so the whole human race was united behind one cause, survival of an endangered species – humanity. Chris Pratt’s character, a war vet who still believes his life is meant to make a bigger difference, gets a chance to help his daughter in the future defeat this unstoppable alien invasion. His seven day experience twenty-eight years into the future changes the lives of people all over the planet, but especially his own, his wife’s, his young daughter’s and his long estranged father’s. I highly recommend everyone see this movie if you get a chance.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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