Reading And Travel

Blog 2106 – 07.01.2021

I am a proponent of both reading and travel and there are more than a few benefits to be derived from both, but none more than the two mentioned in the quote above. It is a sad and very narrow world for those whose neither read nor travel. Many are not as fortunate as I consider myself. I have already visited all fifty of these United States of America and in addition to that eleven other countries including our near neighbors Canada and Mexico.

We are tempted if we do not read nor travel to believe ours is by far the best and only country worth living in. I have found that every state and country I have visited believes that to be true of their state and country. I am often asked, “Which did you enjoy the best?” And I always answer truthfully that without exception every place has more than a few things to recommend it. The most remarkable thing about visiting places you have never been before is not the differences, but the same loving, kind, and generous people that you find everywhere. Oh, occasionally you might come across a rude individual with some sort of gripe or chip on their shoulder, but you can find that in your own neighborhood, no need to travel far nor wide to find someone dissatisfied with something.

If you cannot travel then read about the travels of others. My mom was never able to see a great deal of this world, but through books she traveled the length and breadth of it. How small her world would have truly been otherwise. One of the greatest gifts my mother ever gave me was a love of books and a desire to see as much of this big beautiful blue ball as I can this go round.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

What A Wonderful World

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