“I’m Already There”

Blog 2093 – 06.18.2021

“I’m Already There”

Many country songs are about truck driving daddies looking forward to being home with their wives and children. The title quote is from one, here are the complete lyrics:

When I was a boy I recall that my daddy was a long haul trucker and that we only saw him on weekends which he spent mostly in bed catching up on the sleep that he had missed throughout the week. I remember saying to my mom how much I wished that my daddy had a job like my Paw Paw where he could come home to us every night. Dad missed us as much as we missed him and tried to make it up to us by sending us postcards from the places that he saw along the road and bringing home gifts to us, but nothing could fill the emptiness in our home when daddy was not there. Dad finally gave up his on the road job and got work where he could come home to us every night.

Though I had a few short away work assignments when my children were little, I did not pursue away work till my kids were grown. This past year and a half off work due Covid-19 reminded me how good it is to be home with my wife and to see my grown son more often. Now that Jay and Lauren are married we hope there are grandchildren in the future. I had thought I might do this kind of work another few years, but we shall see.

I did want to replace the savings that we exhausted over the last eighteen months and there is that trip to Paris that I promised my wife we would take one day. But, before I hear a sweet little voice saying, “Granddaddy, when you coming home?” I want to be able to say and not just poetically, “I’m already there.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Home To Stay

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