“My Dad Is My Default”

Blog 2092 – 06.17.2021

“My Dad Is My Default”

Today’s blog title is something that I have heard myself say more than once to explain that when I have not read or sought out the best way to deal with any situation I just do what daddy would have done. That is not to say that daddy was always right or that his method of handling any situation was always the very best, nevertheless, my daddy was a man never afraid to act, to do what he thought needing being done.

No matter what you do or say you are never going to please everyone so in the words of Rick Nelson’s hit song, Garden Party, “You got to please yourself.” In life as in driving it is good that we have a reverse gear, keep it well lubed, and are not afraid to use it.

Daddy’s are not meant to be perfect examples. Somethings we have to figure out for ourselves, but it helps when you do not have a lot of time to figure things out to have a good default mechanism in place. My daddy is and has ever been my default setting. Thanks, Dad.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Garden Party

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