Staying Open

Blog 2085 – 06.10.2021

Staying Open

The first few words of my morning mantra are: “My heart and my mind are open. My arms and my hands are open. My mouth, ears, and eyes are open, to all the Universe has for me.” Staying open to all of life’s possibilities is I have found one if not the best way to stay excited about life.

Ego, our one and only true enemy, would have us stay closed off from our True Self, isolated from our source of supply. Every good and perfect gift to benefit us must find us open to receive and to share. Fear shuts us down and though many believe hate is the opposite of love in reality it is fear. Perfect love casts out fear and to receive and be a channel for love to flow through we must stay open.

I was a bit sleepy when I began this blog and wondering if I could even find a few appropriate encouraging words to share. Many are just not readers and I get that. For that reason I try to attach a cover song with my blogs because often a short poem set to music can be an easier way for some to get a few encouraging words to start the new day.

The baker is not the only one who rises early. Some of us others do as well to accomplish some task to us as important as partaking of our own daily bread. A day without an encouraging word is to me like a day without sunshine. It is my hope as I have for five years and counting to continue providing yet another place where world weary travelers can find an encouraging word or two.

We had a joke in the teletype repair maintenance shop at the military communications center that I worked at in South Vietnam forty-one years ago: “We may doze, but we never close.”

Enjoy your nap but remember even as you rest your heart and mind, arms and hands, mouth, ears and eyes, to stay open. Often the best dreams come to us while we are sleeping.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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