Thinking About Johnny In Johnny’s Town

Blog 2084 – 06.09.2021

Thinking About Johnny In Johnny’s Town

Johnny Carson was born in Iowa and lived in several towns there before at eight years old his family moved to Norfolk, Nebraska where he came of age. A week ago I started a five month work assignment in Nebraska and it looks like I will be staying in Norfolk till the winter weather shuts down construction work in the area.

As I boy I first remember seeing Johnny Carson hosting the ABC daytime game show, Who Do You Trust?, which aired from 1957 to 1962. America came to trust Johnny Carson to entertain us and we invited him into our homes nightly for forty years, from 1962 till he left the Tonight Show in 1992. Johnny interviewed thousands of folks on his show and performed with them his sketch comedy to make us laugh.

Was Johnny perfect? None of us is. But from 1950 to 1992, considered his active years, he entertained us and made us smile. His first attempt at Show Business was as a boy magician around Norfolk, billing himself as “The Great Carson.” Johnny died in 2005. Thanks for the memories, Johnny, we miss your winning and magical smile.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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