Blog 2081 – 06.06.2021


I started out on Friday to write three blogs on the three biggies – Faith, Hope, and Love. Yesterday, I got a bit side tracked with Challenges, but today I would like to spend a few minutes thinking about Hope. Bob Hope, the famous comedian used to say, “You gotta have Hope.” Bob was so right and thanks for the memories, Bob.

Seriously, a life without hope is really no life at all. How does one allow his or herself to get into a seemingly hopeless situation? I think it is always a matter of not knowing or of forgetting Who and Whose we truly are. A little song that helps me to remember is one that I first heard as a young man many years ago. It begins:

Whether one professes to be Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Agnostic, Atheist, or prefers another label from the ever growing pantheon of beliefs, that does not for one moment change the truth about Who and Whose you and I are. We are family and our Father/Mother is the divine one and therefore so are we. We are destined to overcome all of our challenges. And we, to quote the words of another encouraging song, “Have a hope within our souls brighter that the perfect day.”

Have a wonderful Sun Day, Child of Light, full of hope.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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