You Are Indeed On A Streak – A Blue Streak

Blog 2074 – 05.30.2021

You Are Indeed On A Streak – A Blue Streak

Three days ago I started receiving messages from Word Press saying that I was on a streak that I had post 500 days, 501 days, and I assume today will make 502 days in a rows. They must have just started counting because by my count it is more like 2000 days in a row, for I started this blog six years and two months ago. Granted I only posted Monday through Friday the first couple of months, thinking that I would need weekends off, but I soon realized that I need to write more than most people need to read. I am grateful for each of my followers, fans, and friends who read me occasionally, everyday or even once.

I hope that anyone who takes the time to read even one of my encouraging word blogs will realize that I really do try to make them interesting, entertaining, encouraging, and correct. In the beginning my goal was to achieve as quickly as possible ten thousand followers because I had read that publishers these days will not think of publishing a book without a guaranteed audience of at least ten thousand to purchase it, but when I do get around to publishing my first book in a paper version there are lots of self publishing companies that will do it for a fee and any profits from the sells of the book will be all mine and I can live with that.

I have already published that book in installments on this blog, one chapter or episode a day for the first three July(s) that I posted. One need only scroll back to one of those July(s) to read Emily – The Little Girl Who Sang Her Song To Anyone Who Came Along. Some have and I hope many more will come to as well. My daughter Emily was and still is a treasure to me and all who knew and loved her and will be I am sure to those who are yet coming to know and love her through my little book and her surviving recorded songs. Check out on YouTube, Dancing With Spock, and hear Emily sing her song. One of my favorites there is a song she wrote called True. If Emily was anything in a word she was true.

Today when it seems lies abound it is nice to be reassured that Love and Truth abide and abound even more. That is not to say that any of us always gets it right or always behaves lovingly. When I discover an error in a blog that I have posted I try in most instances to correct it right away. Sometimes I only discover my errors later and perhaps I may not live to discover and correct all of my mistakes, errors, and flaws. Sometimes even when I discover one, I choose to leave it as is, like the ancient Japanese artists did when they intentionally left flaws in their work, as a reminder to themselves and us all that we are none of us perfect, not in a literal sense anyway.

One blog without an error would be a steak for me.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Author’s Note:

I thought that I had a cover of the song “Fuckin Perfect” by Pink to attach here, but I could not find it on my Mockingbird List, so instead even though you are not perfect but still so beautiful, this song is for you. Language note: James Blunt, author and original singer of the covered song below, wrote and sang “Fucking high” instead of “Flying high” still so Christians, conservatives, Republicans, and other too tightly wound individuals would not have a conniption he re-recorded it without the more descriptive, poetic, and true word. Even I caved on this song, shame on us both. Thus ends my blue streak. Oops, one and counting. Probably even some unenlightened Democrats, Progressives, Independents, even atheists, and agnostics do not care for the F words – Prudes.

You’re Beautiful

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