Nice And Easy

Blog 2073 – 05.29.2021

Nice And Easy

Often my inspiration for an encouraging word blog comes from a great picture quote that I have seen. Today’s is no exception. When I first saw the picture quote above I knew that I would use it as a launching pad for a blog.

Here goes. Magical thinking would have us believe that the Creator in six literal days created all there is, but the Universe just does not work that way. Slow and steady, bit upon bit, is how lasting change is accomplished. Getting rich quick as I have mentioned before, as attractive as that may sound, is fraught with falseness and almost if not always is a cheat and not just to the preyed upon but to those who pray for it as well.

Want to hear a secret that is no secret that my daddy tried to teach me when I was a boy about how to get and to stay rich. In three words it is, “Save your money.” Oh, “I never have enough” you say. But, that is seldom if ever true. The trouble most all of us have is not how much money comes in, but that we spend it all and no thanks to the money lenders we spend even more than we have and end up making them rich off the interest we must pay because we could not wait.

I do not believe as I once did that every word written or spoken is true, but some most definitely are. I think the above two quotes fall into the verily, verily or truly, truly category. Another quote that has the ring of a curse to me says, “He that adds or takes away from these words will have these curses added to him and have his name taken out of the book of life.” Folks that is just B.S. in my book. Like another religion that says art, with the one exception of geometrical forms, is idolatry or making false gods. How could the God of the Universe ever be jealous of his own reflection?

I wrote that last bit because I intend to add a bit to Isaiah’s line about waiting on the Lord, the one who has promised to supply everything we could ever want or need at just the right time and in just the right way, our loving and infinite source.

Corrie Ten Boom was a woman of great faith, faith that sustained her through years in Nazi concentration camps. She learned that faith at her daddy’s knee. She recounts in one of her books a lesson her daddy taught her about waiting on the Lord, or patience. He said, “Corrie, when does daddy give you your ticket to board the train, months, weeks, or even the day before?” Little Corrie replied, “Why, no daddy, you give me my ticket as we are boarding the train, otherwise I might misplace or lose it.”

Now my addition to Isaiah’s words. They that wait upon the Lord shall not only renew their strength and all that other stuff, but they shall also replenish and refill their treasure house. In the story of Job, God’s faithful servant, in one day he lost his wife, his family, his home, his cattle, all his lands, and everything he treasured that had come to him from God over many years. Later because he waited upon the Lord, they were all restored to him, but probably even then not as quickly as they were taken away. As I said before God usually does not work that way. He/She prefers slow and steady, nice and easy.

Wait for it.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Reporting from my new home away from home, Norfolk, Nebraska,

David White

Nice And Easy

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