The Happy Couple Made Their Get Away

Blog 2067 – 5.23.2021

The Happy Couple Made Their Get Away

Even the rains stopped long enough for the bride and groom to make their walk to their waiting car to cheering sparkler waving fans, friends, and family. It was, to risk sounding trite, an affair to remember. I love that movie, staring Cary Grant and Debra Kerr and the older black and white version staring Charles Boyer and Irene Dunn called simply Love Affair. More than any touching movie that brings a tear to this old love poet’s eyes, I love the couple that I saw tie the knot yesterday. I am not ashamed to admit that I shed a tear or two at the wedding ceremony and at the reception afterwards, especially when my darling boy danced with my bride, his lovely and loving mother, and with his own beautiful, blushing, and beloved bride.

Proverbs 30: 18 & 19 says:

There are so many moments from yesterday that the young couple will cherish as long as they live and those of us privileged to witness will too. There must have been quite literally more than hundreds of professional photographs snapped. I include just one hastily taken with my phone amid the wedded couple’s many trips around the crowded reception hall sharing their happiness with us all. The Universe knows my highest and best intention for them and all who witnessed the happy occasion is that each of us is forever touched and encouraged by their solemn and sincere vows to renew our own vows to love determinedly and deeply till death do us part. It is so wonderful to be a part of such a big loving family. And that we are, Pilgrims, each and everyone of us.

My new daughter, Lauren, has a handsome younger brother, Michael. During the wedding ceremony he stood up at the front and read First Corinthians Chapter Thirteen, the love chapter. He did a magnificent job. On the way home after ten pm last night, two hours after my regular bed time (I rise early, most mornings, to spend the first moments of each new day composing an encouraging word for my friends, fans, and family) I mentioned to my wife who always wanted Jay to have more brothers and sisters beside our Emily who passed nine years ago next month, that now Jay has another brother, Michael. Linda at first said, “Michael is not his brother, but I explained to her that he definitely is and that I am so glad. Jay had four other brothers standing with him, who have for years past and will for years to come, be there to have his back and encourage him. Matt, his best man and friend since Weeblos, John and Johnny, long time friends he met in high school, and James whom he met on his first accounting job, all excellent choices for his “I Do Crew.”

Both Lauren and Jay were not just surrounded by a great crowd of witnesses, but by a crowd of fans and family as well. We love you, Dear Ones, and we are here for you anytime you need us to help and encourage you along your chosen pathway together, in any way we can. That is what friends, fans, and family are for. I am so glad and grateful that our divine parent (He /She) designed it that way for Us.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Due to a previous engagement, over the rainbow, Jay’s big sister Emily could not attend the wedding, at least in body, but she was there in spirit, smiling her famous crooked little smile. I leave you with a song sung by the little girl who sang her song to anyone who came along, perfect for the occasion and for the happy couple, their immediate, and extended family – all of us living and already over the rainbow awaiting that great family reunion in the sky.

Emily’s Over The Rainbow

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