“Better and Better”

Blog 2052 – 05.08.2021

“Better and Better”

In two weeks our son Jay will be wed to his lovely Lauren. They signed on their first home together yesterday. When my wife Linda learned that she was to pick the song that she will be dancing with Jay to at the wedding reception she must have listened to more than a hundred songs, trying to pick the perfect one. Because in her first pick, I Hope You Dance, she misheard what she thought was an inappropriate phrase, she ruled it out. I love that song, but because she marked it off her list I think she found an even more fitting one, the chorus of which says:

A Song For My Son is the perfect song for Linda’s dance with Jay and has in it, I think, the best advice a mother could ever offer a son on his wedding day.

Early on in the selection process one of my favorite songs was considered, Beautiful Boy, written and sung by once Beatle, John Lennon.

The phrase “Your Daddy’s here” would have needed to be modified to “Your Mommy’s here” but Linda decided she would be bawling through the whole song and spoil the wedding party so she struck it from her consideration list. I do not think her loving mother tears will spoil the wedding or the party. I am glad and grateful that it has worked out that my wife and I have both have lived to see this wonderful day in our son and soon to be new daughter’s life. Like John Lennon’s song to his beautiful boy, I say to my beautiful wife, my handsome son, and his beautiful bride: “Every day, in every way, it’s getting better and better.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Endless Love

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