Living Mindful

Blog 2051 – 05.07.2021

Living Mindful

Or using one’s head for more than a hat rack is a way to get one in trouble for sure, but on the other hand isn’t allowing others to do our thinking for us in the end more troublesome. The biggest reason that I am wary of joining any groups is that they, most all of them, seem to think they have a lock on the truth, are better than others, are the cream of the crop, the chosen, the elect, and most deserving of the biggest slice of the pie, whether others get a piece or not. My daily mantra disclaimer says, “I make these and all my intentions (expressed wishes, prayer requests, etc.) for the highest good of the Universe, myself and everyone everywhere.” Any dreams that do not meet that criteria I do not really want to come true, nor do any of us if we are thinking our best and highest thoughts.

I like many have long made my living in the oil and gas industry, but I am not blind to the way the profit motive has hampered innovation and discovery of better less expensive, both to the pocket book and to the planet, sources of energy. Nuclear energy thought to be prohibitively dangerous has done far less damage to the planet than fossil fuel and wood burning has. Nicolas Tesla ultimately lost the Current War to the profiteers. His dream of free energy like cold fusion is still an unrealized dream.

Electric cars lost out to the combustion engine gas driven models and “cheap oil” that claims responsibility for invention and economic prosperity has ruled for over a hundred years at a staggering cost to us all. Even Big Oil I think has concluded that it’s days are numbered as did Big Tobacco and is moving it’s tremendous wealth begrudgingly into other more long term profitable green energy ventures, like solar, wind, and even electric vehicles.

I remember half a century ago when I was a young man hearing the joke, “We will have solar power when they figure out a way to put a meter on the sun so they can charge us for it.” Sunlight power, thermal energy, electricity, even carbon based stored energy have always been there, free to anyone for the taking. The takers did and still do many of them not to share the wealth but to enrich themselves alone. Only what we seek or pursue for the benefit of all is a worthy goal or occupation. Many have given their best efforts in oil and gas, tobacco, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, banking, insurance, law, politics, and even religion not just to turn a profit but to make life better not just for themselves and their families but everyone. Or I’d like to think so. In this case perhaps in all cases really thinking, being mindful, can make it so.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

What do you yourself think?

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