“Let Your Yea Be Yea And Your Nay Be Nay”

Blog 2034 -4.20.2021

“Let Your Yea Be Yea And Your Nay Be Nay”

Is it possible to hold two opposing thoughts in mind at the same time? Of course it is, except to the very narrow minded. One does not have to be schizophrenic or a complete reprobate to see both sides of any issues.

Need I point out that those who protest the loudest with oaths like, “I can abide anything but a liar, a murderer, a thief etc.” are indeed guilty of the same offenses. Everyone has at one time or another played fast and loose with the truth, murdered reputations if not the actual bodies of friends and foes alike, and coveted which is the precursor to thefts of all kinds. What we see in others that offends us most is but a reflection of ourselves, blind spots, that we might never be fully aware of except some circumstance force us to face that often ugly truth.

Loving others is a sure fire way to love God, and to love ourselves. The three loves are but one love really. And for that love to flow in and out unimpeded it is required that we maintain an open heart, an open mind, open arms, open hands, open mouth, ears, and eyes to all the Universe has for us.

In Him/Her (Love) we live and move and have our being. There is always a “Fork in the Road” and it really does not matter which direction we head, for in the end we will always find ourself, our true self, to be not only our loving and infinite source but also our ultimate destination. David, the Psalmist (singer/songwriter) wrote and sang, “Though I find myself in Sheol (the land of dead) you are there.” So put a fork in it and in us when we are done, to borrow two more cliches.

I used a phrase in a text to a dear friend yesterday, “Sometimes you are so are exasperatingly sure of your opinions, but then aren’t we all.” She was warning me that the direction I was proposing to take might make me sick. I took note of her warning, but happen to think fear is the worst reason to avoid any planned move. “Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my” indeed. The end result of any move in any direction or even of staying put might be illness or death. A line from an old rock and roll song from my youth comes to mind, “She’s about a mover.” Moving is good for the body. Staying still for too long or becoming sedentary is very unhealthy for mind, body, and spirit. Or as James Brown so eloquently put it, “Get up off of that thing. Shake it, you’ll feel better.” As a disclaimer, you might want to check with your doctor before beginning any new particularly invigorating exercise program or at the very least make your next move mindful that muscles you have not used lately, if ever, might get a bit sore and let you know.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


The Dance

Destiny and Chance are two of those opposing thoughts that we can, if we try, get our hearts and minds around.

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