Win Some & Luh Luh Learn Some

Blog 2033 – 04.19.2021

Win Some & Luh Luh Learn Some

I am one of those folks who believes that we greatly underestimate the value of self talk. What we hear in our own voice has greater weight in our life than all but one other voice and I dare say that even that still small voice sounds hauntingly and very familiarly like our own. One of my favorite movies is Brad Pit’s, Meet Joe Black, where Brad plays Death himself and when an almost sixty-five year old publisher played by Anthony Hopkins feels a sharp pain in his chest, he asks himself a question that he later hears his on voice answer “Yes.” The question was, “Am I going to die.”

We are everyone of us going to die. No one has come up with a viable scheme yet to cheat death, but I have a more than sneaky suspicion that death is only a doorway to a bigger fuller life adventure – but we must all wait and see. I believe that that familiar sounding voice is a big clue in the great mystery of life, “Who am I?”

One of the first game shows I recall seeing on TV as a boy was the long running To Tell The Truth, which first aired in prime time on December 18, 1956. At that time I had been age six years young for a little less than a month. The premise of the long running program was that three contestants came before a celebrity panel and all three said their name was the same and announced some feat or unusual profession that they had done or were still doing and the panelist took turns asking questions to determine who indeed was telling the truth.

Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice…” meaning no impostor could fool us unless we allowed ourselves to be duped. The phrase also from my boyhood. “Accept no substitutes” comes to mind. When we spend so little time in our own minds that we are not even on speaking terms with ourselves we are most easily fooled. But when we really figure out Who and Whose we are we become “fool proof” in the highest and best sense.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to never ever lose? The secret is just a small change in our self talk – every time we catch ourself about to say “I Can’t” we need to cut the second word off at “Can.” And every time we hear ourself about to say “I Always Lose” we need to catch ourself at the first letter of the last word and say instead “Learn”, for in truth our only two options are “To win some, or learn some.”

That is one of my favorite lines and I find it and many more in the song, “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. To check out my cover of the song, just click on the link below.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

I’m Yours

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