Where Do We Go From Here?

Blog 2031 – 04.17.2021

Where Do We Go From Here?

After the last two hundred and ninety-six blogs that were somewhat determined by the children’s book readings that I posted for each of those days I have now at the same time a lot of freedom and a little reluctance as to which if any one direction is the way to go. In a recent Note from the Universe, I recall reading that the answer to all questions that start with “Why?” is “Because I love you.” And that the answer to all questions that start with “How?” is “None of our business.”

My friend, Mike Dooley, who is the author of Notes from the Universe, is always cautioning us to avoid the “cursed how’s” and leave the details and the driving to a loving and infinite Universe. The one of the five W’s and one cursed H that we should concern ourselves most with is “WHAT we want” not what our brother, sister, father, mother, friend or lover wants, but what we individually want, for this is after all our dream. A Bible verse comes to mind: “Delight yourself in the Lord and He (She) will give you the desires of your heart.” And another one like it: “You have not because you ask not or because you ask amiss.” Perhaps the biggest reason that we miss out on our desires being manifested in our daily lives is that we cannot make up our minds regarding what we really want and are constantly sending mixed messages out to the Universe.

“What do you want?” Is the one question the Universe asks of us daily eagerly awaiting to give us whatever we truly desire. The great giver of life, love, and happiness is more willing to give us what we want than we are to search our hearts and minds and discover what that is in this eternal moment.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Author’s postscript:

The caveat that I attach to all my prayers, wishes, and intentions is: “Grant only those that serve the highest good of the Universe, Myself, Everyone, and Everything.” Or as wise seekers have always prefaced there prayers, “Thy will be done.” It is only when My and Thy wills become One that we remember Who and Whose we truly are and where our deepest desires come from – our loving and infinite source.

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