All for Pie Pie for All

Blog 2030 – 04.16.2021

All for Pie Pie for All

All for Pie Pie for All

I love the line spoken solemnly and seriously by older and more experienced Men In Black agent M, “What we need is pie.” Though my new concept of dessert is a small piece of baked sweet potato at my midday meal most days I do recall fondly the many pieces of pie that I have consumed throughout my life from cream pies to fruit pies including the classics Dutch apple and rhubarb – yum. Oh, yes and I have had sweet potato pie, in fact I recall even preferring it to pumpkin with or without whipped cream.

I am still a few pounds shy of my I Mirror You weight goal of one hundred sixty three pounds but confident that I will soon achieve that goal and even more determined to maintain that weight for the rest of my journey here. As a professional inspector I learned the adage many years ago, “If you want something to improve, measure it.” I weigh myself daily and yes, I know well that one’s weight naturally fluctuates and that groups such as Weight Watchers do not recommend weighing daily as the fluctuations and plateaus in weight loss can be discouraging for some, but others say the most successful dieters weigh daily and I mean to succeed.

It is a sometimes seemingly impossible challenge like trying to defy gravity, this becoming a lighter being. But love not only, as one of my favorite books in the David Reads Children’s Books project that I conclude today, The Velveteen Rabbit, teaches us “makes us real” but also gives us wings and not Red Bull despite the commercial claims. Winged creatures defy gravity as a matter of course and that to is our destiny as a song I sang as a boy says, “One glad morning when this life is o’er, I’ll fly away. To that land on God’s celestial shore, I’ll fly away. I’ll fly away, oh glory, I’ll fly away. When I die, hallelujah bye and bye, I’ll fly away.”

Fact is that flight school and heaven for me have already begun for He/She has already raised me up. Keep looking up, Pilgrims.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

As promised, here is a special song for my wife and you.

You Raise Me Up

2 thoughts on “All for Pie Pie for All

  1. 💙yay you! Today’s post is a “spirit lift”🕊️ for me. I had gained 18lbs during the first awful🙁 months of Covid-19 isolation due to very low oxygen levels & low immune system. I had finally achieved long time goal of 137lbs😊 Now,I must return to the “Type2
    Diabetic” Menu that is my “go to” diet plan. Sadly,I am among those who have a lifetime of overweight😒issues! I appreciate your words today,💙David. I know you will achieve your goal.💞


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