A Wrinkle InTime, Chapter 2

Blog 2000 – 03.17.2021

A Wrinkle In Time, Chapter 2


A Wrinkle In Time, Chapter 2

One does not have to be an Eisenstein to realize that our perception of time is relative to our particular vantage point and circumstances. I recently watched again the classics movie, Inherit The Wind with Spencer Tracy, Frederick March, Gene Kelly and Dick York in the male leads. It is about the famed Monkey Trial in nineteen twenties Tennessee. I am a Tennessee boy, born and bred, and have no illusion about then or now there being folks there who in the name of faith let others do their thinking for them.

In trying to defend scientific thought, proving things out with evidence, Spencer Tracy playing the role of the great legal mind Clarence Darrow to Frederick March’s Conservative Populist William Jennings Bryan, appeals to the Bible that Bryan and many still do today, especially in Tennessee, consider to be the only source of truth and fact. Tracy puts the prosecution lawyer March on the stand and reads a portion of the Genesis account of creation to him regarding the literal twenty-four hours days and proves at least to my mind that the days in Genesis could not refer to literal twenty-four hours days as the expression “and the evening and the morning” was used for all six days of creation though the sun was not created till sometime in the middle and it is the sun that times our twenty four hour and several additional minutes days. Our perception of time may indeed be relative but the measuring of its passing is pretty precise at least since we have had the sun, moon, and stars to measure our days by.

Today is not just a day that marks my two thousandth blog it is also Saint Patrick’s Day, long one of my favorite holidays. Some years ago I memorized a little poem that I like to recite on this day in my best Irish accent. I even tried to put a little melody to it in case one might want to dance a little Irish jig as the song is being performed. Top of the morning to you from me self and all those other smiling Irish eyes out there.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David “Patty” O’White


My Patty’s Day Song

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