Itsy Bitsy Spider and Yankee Doodle Dandy

Blog 1990 – 03.07.2021

Itsy Bitsy Spider and Yankee Doodle Dandy

It’s Bitsy Spider and Yankee Doodle Dandy

Today is another Twofer day with two classic children’s song, one about a spider and the other about a dandy. I often reply when asked, “How are you? that I am “Fine and dandy.” It usually gets a smile. The dictionary defines dandy:

Though I do try to dress appropriately for the occasion I am not referring to my clothes being fine and dandy but me. Unlike many children who are self confident till they allow the callous and unthinking remarks of other children and adults to cause them to lose their true sense of self, I was a very shy, timid, and backward child having little self confidence as far back as I can remember. Fortunately in my early teens I shed that image of myself and began to see myself as worthy of love and friendship. Alas, it was not till long after that I truly began to love and accept myself wholly. I carry in my pocket as I have mentioned often in this blog a talisman, a small metal heart, that reads “Thank you for this day, Spirit.” On one side and on the other, “I am Holy, I am Whole.” When I say “I am fine and dandy” that is exactly what I mean – Holy and Whole. There are thousands of religions from which to choose and everyone is free to pick the one that suits them best just like clothes. My only advice in the matter is to shun the “guilt religions” they are the ones most likely to be run by folks who claiming to be the gate keepers to heaven, charge a high price of admission, be it in tithes and financial offerings or just an austere life style full of way more don’t(s) than do(s). I like the Unitarian slogan, “Life is meant to be good.”

I am not much of a joiner as the biggest problem with most groups is that they think they are better than everyone else. I do not and see everyone else as fine and dandy too. Wanna have friends? Wanna be loved so much that even the undertaker sheds a sincere tear at your funeral? Learn to see the best in yourself and in others. That is the secret to being always fine and dandy. It will help you smile and sing bigger and better too.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

To Make You Feel My Love

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