Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 19

Blog 1980 – 02.25.2021

Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 19

Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 19

After working so hard and spending so much of her energy to secure her friend Wilbur’s safety and future Charlotte gave the last of her life and energy to securing her own progeny. Today’s chapter is entitled, The Egg Sack, and might have as easily been named Charlotte’s Treasure Chest. Wilbur’s final instructions from Charlotte were to take her treasure back with him to the farm and have it secured high in the barn so that her children might survive and thrive and according to her plan they do.

Only three more chapters of Charlotte’s Web remain and then I have a few smaller children’s books to share before a few more longer stories that will be read in daily chapters as was this one. When I began this sharing children’s books project I knew that it would take a while to complete but figured it would provide me lots of inspiration for blogs. It has and continues to do so. I do admit that I prefer the freedom to explore topics that just come to mind, but I am surprised that even provided a topic I still get to do that pretty much anyway, ole traveling Dave still has his say even if he must wander a bit a field to get it said or rather written.

I do so appreciate all of you who follow my blog and from time to time click like, comment, or recommend it to a friend. I still hope to have ten thousand daily followers long before I reach my goal of completing ten thousand blogs. The Word Press stats let me know pictorially where my blogs are being read around the world. It is thrilling to see several countries around the world reading me on any given day. Someday I hope to reach every country if not in person by way of theencouragingword. It is good to have a goal and as Charlotte we all do get to leave something of ourselves behind.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

To Leave Something Behind

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