Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 3

Blog 1964 – 02.09.2021

Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 3
Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 3

Like Wilbur we have all of us at one time or another sought to escape some particularly unpleasant aspect of our lives. Many of my fellow writers find that escape in writing or reading what others have written. Sadly some find their escape in a bottle, or a pill, that takes over their life so completely that they resign completely to be prisoners of their own poison. I am not judging anyone for how they escape the pain, the fear, the boredom that life can seem so full of at times. I only offer a low fat, low salt, low sugar, non-addicting solution and it is hope.

Hope, the Bible tells us is the evidence of things not seen. I recall the words of a song we sang in church when I was a boy, “Have we any hope within us of a life beyond the grave in the fair and vernal lands? Do we know that when our earthly house by death shall be dissolved we’ve a house not made of hands?”

Dorothy in the movie version of The Wizard of Oz, played by a young Judy Garland, sang what would become one of her signature songs, Over the Rainbow. It is a song of hope. Many of us were taught in our earliest lullabies of a land of hope beyond the rainbow. Our teachers meant well, but heaven is not some far away land only to be known after death. Heaven is in our hearts and a place easily accessible to us at anytime we need a brief or extended respite from this world.

So to answer Dorothy’s question and that of the song I mentioned first above we do have a hope of heaven, not only a hope but a promise as sure as the rainbow and the sunshine – son shine. The Son himself said it to a small group of his friends, but I am sure that it was meant for us all: “I go to prepare a place for you that where I am there you may be also. Let not your heart be troubled.”

Looking for that escape hatch? It is heart shaped. It is hope shaped. Where there is hope there is life. Here’s hoping everyone finds their own resting place as my dear departed daddy once told me that everyone needs. He found his drowning worms or walking in the woods or even just imagining that he was doing so in his heart. My daddy’s heaven always had lots of fish and wild game making clear paths through the streams and heavy woodlands of his resting place beyond the rainbow.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White
Sunshine On My Shoulders

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