Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 2

Blog 1963 02.08.2021

Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 2

Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 2

Everybody is somebody’s baby and little piggy Wilbur had Fern to baby him and make him feel welcome in this world. The promise of Scripture is than when my mother and my father forsake me the Lord will take me up. Sadly for way too many lonely and seemingly forsaken souls it does not seem like that at all.

One of my favorite books and movies, The Cider House Rules, tells the tale of a doctor, Wilbur Larch, who makes it his mission in life to help pregnant women and the babies that they leave behind at an orphanage in Maine. The story centers on a particular orphan named Homer Wells whom Dr. Larch grooms to take his place.

It is in our DNA this desire to produce children to follow in our footsteps. We often err trying to force the process when the easiest best way is to follow the words of a 1970’s song, Teach Your Children Well, that goes on to say, “Feed them on your dreams, the one they pick is the one you’ll know by.”

We every one of us babies have more than one dream, so many in fact that we can hardly accomplish all of them in one lifetime so we should share our deepest, dearest, and most favorite ones with our children and allow them to pick the one or ones that most appeal to them. Jewish mother’s, the stereotype goes, want all their sons to be rabbis or doctors, Catholic mothers their sons priests or doctors, Protestant mothers theirs sons preachers or doctors and so on and so on. Daddies want all their daughters to be princesses. There should be no shortage of spiritual leaders, doctors, or would be kings and queens of New England or elsewhere.

Every one is somebody’s baby with dreams to fulfill while here. To all you little piggies out there I say a fond, “Sweet dreams and rest assured that the ones you pick will come true for you.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

A Million Dreams

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