Am I Big or Little?

Blog 1959 – 02.04.2021

Am I Big or Little?

Am I Big or Little?

The answer to that question like the answer to many questions is not yes or no, but both. We are at the same time little with an infinite capacity for growth and so big already that these tiny bodies cannot contain the spirits that for a time dwell in them, bodies made of stardust, we are told, but the light they contain is brighter than the star our home planet revolves around.

Aren’t we waxing poetic today, Dave? There is poetry in all of us, a song that must be sung while we are young and old, big and little. The red-headed little girl pictured above is typical of all little girls and boys, big ones too, that need to be assured that no matter how big or small they will always be loved. We are loved and our loving and infinite source is more willing to provide everything that we could ever want or need than we are to believe it. We can even at seventy and beyond still be surprised by joy.

I find I am as quick to smile or cry at some touching incident or sweet surprise as I was when I was a little boy. I am in many way still a little boy and at the same time a big man. Am I big or little? The answer as the Universe’s answer is always Yes and Both.

“Thank you for this day, Spirit. I am Holy, I am Whole.” I am big. I am small, I am short, I am tall – I am, we are, as God is, all in all.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Not That Different

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