The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – Chapter 15

Blog 1955 – 01.31.2021

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – Chapter 15

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – Chapter 15

The title of today’s chapter is The Journey South. This time of year many of my Yankee friends dream of winging or driving south to flee the snow and cold. I, a southern boy born and bred and a long time resident of Houston, Texas, am wishing I were headed north to snow covered country and cooler climates for work. COVID -19 has put a crimp in many of our work and travel plans, but brighter days are ahead.

Like Dorothy we are not out of the woods yet but the answer is coming and we will, like her, mourn our losses, celebrate or gains and find our way back home. The same road that leads north and south, east and west always leads home eventually.

Just a few more chapters and Dorothy’s story will conclude, but this love story goes on and on so hold on, for I believe with all my heart, the best is yet to be.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Back Home To Stay

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