Jane Grows A Carrot

Blog 1927 – 01.03.2021

Jane Grows A Carrot


Jane Grows Carrot

In explaining this book it is said, “Noddles are silly people and this book is about the Brown’s a silly family.” All families can be a little silly and as often as not quite dysfunctional in a host of ways. But how lucky we are those who get to have a family growing up. One of my all time favorite books and movies is Cider House Rules about a boy named Homer Wells who grows up and comes of age in an orphanage in Maine that is run by a kind- hearted medical doctor and two nurses that love the children and care for them and try to find families for them.

Whenever one of the children leaves the orphanage for whatever reason the other children are told that they found a family. I believe all children even us orphans still have a family. Our never leaving parents are Mother Earth and Father Sky and all the rocks, trees, and creatures are our brothers and sisters especially the two legged kind but all the furry, feathered, scaled, and smooth skinned ones too. The First People believed this and got along fine here for thousands of years before the Europeans arrived in mass and tried to convert or kill them, seeming far more interested in their gold than their soul.

When I listened this morning to this brief chapter from There’s A Carrot in My Ear and Other Noodle Tales, I thought of Frozen and the snowman Olaf and I wondered if his nose was once the carrot that Jane grew in her ear, a very silly notion, but what do you expect when a noodle uses his noodle?

Have a fun Sun day speeding around the sun, Dear and Special Ones.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Follow Your Arrow

Or on snowy days when the visibility is less your carrot, all you Olaf’s out there.

P.S. We seldom get snow in Houston, Texas but some go to great lengths to make their Christmas yard displays rival Mother Nature’s. Here are a couple of pics from the loveliest yard I saw last year.

That’s me in the biggest bubble taking the shot at 5:41 a.m. three morning ago when lovely my wife, Linda Lee, drug me away from writing a morning blog with, “You gotta see this.” She was so right. What a beautiful sight.

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