Trick or Treat

Blog 1920 – 12.27.2020

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

After Boxing Day and the First Day of Kwanzaa yesterday, some might be surprised at my choice of a Halloween children’s book today, but as day appropriate as many other books might have seemed I have only posted the David Reads Children’s Books, DRCB’s, in the original order that I read and recorded them for friends for the first time over a year ago. Today’s is number 184 of 296. So it will be sometime in April before I get back to my original blog format. That will be about the time I am celebrating the six year anniversary of The Encouraging Word. I hope this almost six year journey has been more treat than trick for my you, my readers, it certainly has been for me.

When I began this daily blog in 2015 I set a lofty goal of writing ten thousand blogs. Someone has said the secret to getting really good at anything is not talent so much as perseverance, that if you really want to become expert at anything, do it ten thousand times. One music writer said that was the true secret behind the Beatles great harmonies and original songs. Early on before they became famous while performing in Germany they did eight hour sets and had plenty of opportunities to hone their skills.

Educational preparation and luck can only carry us so far and some have achieved great skills and high achievements with little or none of either because they kept at it till they achieved their dream, their goal. I believe the secret to success in any endeavor is no secret at all:

1. Decide what we want

2. Think about what we want, not what we don’t want

3. Take one small step daily toward what we want

4. Focus on the what & leave the how & the when up to the Universe

Yesterday I got to see Wonder Woman 84. I have long been a fan of Wonder Woman, at least since the nineteen seventies when gorgeous Linda Carter played her on TV. Israeli actress Gal Galdot has been playing her since the 2016 movie Batman vs Superman introduced her in that role. As I have watched the first three Gal Galdot Wonder Woman movies several times, I most likely will as well this latest one. A thing of beauty is a joy to behold and Miss Israel 2004, Gal Galdot, certainly is that.

In this movie the first part goes back again to Wonder Woman’s childhood to show us a great lesson that she learned about the importance of truth and not taking short cuts to win. The arch villain of the movie one Maxwell Lord has a not so striking resemblance to someone who for sometime has taken up all the oxygen in the press room to some think great hurt to this country and the world. Others disagree and it remains to be seen just how far he is willing to go to keep the spotlight on himself.

But the leading role in Wonder Woman 84 is not some villain or boyfriend. Though they have important parts to play, they are only supporting roles. Our star of hope and truth is Diana and though sorely tempted to short cut the truth to have her own wish for personal happiness come true, in the end she knows her duty is to the greater good of all and not just herself.

We should always caveat our hopes, prayers, intentions, and wishes with: “I make them all for the highest good of myself, everyone, and the Universe” for if indeed anyone or anything is shortchanged in our journey to happiness be sure that we will be as well. That is the great truth of Wonder Woman 84, the lesson that she learned as a little girl wanting so desperately to come in first and to win. We only win if everyone wins. We cannot take from others without taking from ourselves. No one ever wins a war. And no one who truly loves ever loses, just ask Wonder Woman.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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