Tell Me About Your Day Today

Blog 1906 – 12.13.2020

Tell Me About Your Day Today

Tell Me About Your Day Today

The trouble with so many Social Media virtual friendships though they may satisfy our addiction to “likes” and “followers” is that they do not assure us true friends. True friends care, listen, and are concerned enough to ask us about our day and our responses do not have to be scripted for television to play well for them.

As a writer I try to gather my thoughts and present them in an entertaining, enlightening, and encouraging way, but I am sure that I all too often fail in one or more, perhaps all three categories. Then why do you do it, Crazy Dave? Because he who would have friends must show himself friendly. For the first year or so of this now over five and a half year daily running blog I post also on Facebook. Facebook is a very time consuming thing, but I stayed with it hoping to develop faster a large following for my blog. After all the falsehoods and mean spirited manipulations posted during the 2016 Presidential campaign I decided that my Word Press posting would have to be enough and I continue to trust that casting my pebbles into this ocean will cause ripples enough to reach other shores.

I am always encouraged when I see people in the United States and also in distant countries taking the time to read my shared thoughts. I have no enemies for I am at peace with myself and I understand that my own ego was the only true enemy that I ever had and no longer believing his lies on my brothers and sisters the truth has set me free to love everybody even those allowing themselves to still be deceived by that sly ole liar. The word translated Satan in the Bible literally means “accuser of the brethren” that my friends is how you can always recognize ego’s works as he/she is always stirring up trouble among family members and we are all related. Jesus said, “Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the children of God.” The war makers may get richer quicker but at what a terrible cost to us all.

The Ten Intentions for a Better World begin with the first intention:

All ten intentions are great words to live by. Try reading them aloud for a few days and see if you will not start to see life from a more positive point of view. Ole ego will not like that and I say that alone is reason enough.

Yours for a better world with better days ahead that all your family and friends are anxious to hear about.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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