Blog 1904 – 12.11.2020



Some years ago scrolling down the cable TV menu I came across a short movie by Rhonda Byrne called The Secret and gave it a watch. She said over and over as did her many guest contributors to the film that the secret has always been in plain view.

The secret as all the most enticing secrets are, is not so much about the where, when, why or how but The Who. The true author, producer, director of this dream we call life is as self evident as is the one person behind The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and no it was not the little man behind the curtain or in the Kansas Fair balloon but the little girl who dreamed the entire story up.

This is our dream and we only begin to wake up when we realize that we have always been in charge. The card game dealer says, “Leave your heart hanging on the door before you sit down to play” but the ante up for each of these dreams is leaving all memory of past games and a certain awareness of our true identity at the door before we begin each new adventure. Incredible you say, well explain then so much emphasis all around about the importance of “finding ourselves.” All dreams are said to be clues, but what if like amnesia girl in The Long Kiss Goodnight we have just gotten all caught up in our own cover story and forgotten that we wrote that as just a starting point to guide us back home to Who and Whose we always were and could never really be anyone else.

I am just one chapter into Rhonda’s new book, The Greatest Secret, but I have read many, many such books and can already anticipate the great reveal at the end, the pauper finds out he was always the true prince or the peasant girl that she was always the true princess. This secret is hidden in all the holy books and the ones thought not so holy as well. I carry in my pants pocket a little heart shaped keepsake to remind me lest I forget my own and your secret identity. On one side it reads, “Thank you for this day, Spirit” and on the other, “I am Holy, I am Whole.”

Who am I? Who are you? It is no secret and it never was just a slight case of mistaken identity. Was it The Beach Boys, God, or really just you and I who co-write and first sang, “Don’t worry, Baby, everything will turn out alright” ? Watch for the clues to the mystery that is really no a mystery at all and never was.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Don’t Worry, Baby, Everything Will Turn Out Alright

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