The Friendly Beasts

Blog 1892 – 11.28.2020

The Friendly Beasts

The Friendly Beasts

All beasts are not friendly nor are people it seems still life is far more enjoyable for us and them if we try to see the best in everyone and everything. Granted sometimes that is not all that easy to do. How refreshing then to come upon those refreshingly friendly souls that are so easy to love. My wife’s mother, Betty Lou Stokes, and her granddaughter, Michelle Carrisalez Anderson are but two of those rare and beautiful souls that are effortlessly easy to love because they seem to love others so deeply and easily.

When I turned forty years of age, three decades ago, my loving wife Linda and handsome son Jonathan put my baby picture in the Houston Chronicle with a caption that read, “Look Who’s Forty.” My dearly departed daughter Emily had just turned ten that summer and my sweet niece Michelle turned ten a few days after my birthday. Today the caption is true for her too. She neither looks not sounds forty as her three handsome men, husband Jacob and two fine sons Carter and Connor, proudly and loudly testify.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Michelle, may your world always be filled with friendly beasts. As a wise young man once said, “It is easy to make friends, you just have to act friendly.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Michelle, ma bell

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