Christmas at the Hollow Tree Inn

Blog 1891 – 11.27.2020

Christmas at the Hollow Tree Inn
Christmas at the Hollow Tree Inn

When I discovered this volume aptly name A Christmas Treasury, over a year ago now, I remember being so thrilled that it contained today’s story. Christmas at the Hollow Tree Inn was the story that my brother and I most asked our mother to read to us when we were boys. We so loved Mister Dog’s special Christmas surprise for his friends. I am happy to share this great story with all of you, my friends.

Some ten years ago I had a dream that one day I might be able to secure a hundred acre ranch with horses and a big rambling ranch house that would always have room for anyone who needed a place to stay. Five years ago I decided that my best gift to all my friends would not be a place to stay but a daily dose of the encouraging word, this blog. It isn’t as big as a ranch in Big Sky Country or perhaps as nice as a comfy room with a window view of beautiful horses, but it is something that I can provide and I do not have to worry about making the notes, paying the insurance, taxes or providing endless funding for upkeep, then feeding all those hay burners would be expensive too.

Sir Elton John long before he made a lot of money or was knighted wrote and sang, “My gift is my song this ones for you.” I hope today’s children’s book reading and love song warm and encourage your heart as they have mine.

Your friend and fellow traveler.
David White
Merry Christmas, Darling

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