Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They’re Hatched

Blog 1875 – 11.11.2020

Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They’re Hatched

Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They’re Hatched

Today’s is the last of the one Minute Children’s Stories by Shari Lewis. In the nineteen-seventies I heard and repeated often several jokes with punch lines that paraphrased famous sayings. The one for today’s story title goes like this:

There was a Count whose wife was having an affair and with her lover she conspired to kill the Count thereby inheriting his lands and all his money with which she intended that the two lovers would live happily ever after. The plan was for her lover to hide behind the bed room window curtain with an axe, spring out, surprise the Count, and then threaten him with the axe till he told them where his treasure was hidden. In the heat of the interrogation the Countess’s lover yells. “If you do not tell us this minute where the treasure is I will whack off your head.” The Count responds, “I won’t, I won’t, I won’t. Wait…” Whack!

You guessed it, the moral of the story is: “Don’t axe your Count before he chickens.” If that silly joke helps us remember the wiser moral of today story: “Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They’re Hatched” that is a good thing.

It is a sad but too often true story that some spouses, wives and husbands, find after they are married that they prefer the company and companionship of someone else. But no one need lose their head over a broken heart. Sometimes letting go is the greatest act of love and we can find even in the deepest disappointment more than a broken vow.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Broken Vow

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