The Lazy Miner

Blog 1874 – 11.10.2020

The Lazy Miner

The Lazy Miner

Often for many life has become a broken record where even the birds sweet song is drowned out by the same sad depressing song we hear played over and over and seem unable to silence even long enough to sleep at night. Most of us have at least one friend whose life story could rival The Perils of Pauline or maybe we think that we ourselves are starring in that production.

Just yesterday I watched the new movie produced by the author of the 2006 best seller, The Secret, Rhonda Byrne. The movie titled, The Secret: Dare To Believe, stars Katie Holmes and Josh Lucas. I highly recommend the movie especially to those looking for a little respite from the broken merry go round they have found themselves on and looking forward to the first of many good nights of restful rejuvenating sleep.

One of the brightest minds of the last century, Albert Einstein, the E equals MC Square guy, said a lot of cool things. One of the coolest things was that we need to ask ourselves one question, whether we believe that the Universe is benevolent or not because our answer to that question determines how we view the whole Universe, everyone, and everything in it, including ourselves.

We are, as Josh’s character in the movie explains to the young son of Katie Holmes character, like magnets drawing to us what we dwell on most in our thoughts. Later he explains that it took a tragic life changing event in his life to caused him to decide to start thinking more about what he wanted in life and less about what he did not.

That my friends in a nut shell is the secret to getting off the broken merry go round and experiencing our highest best dreams and not just a broken record of sad scary nightmares come true. And it need not take a tragedy to change our story, just a little change of mind and heart, a little change in the way we look at things. The Universe loves you, me, all of us. I have that on the highest authority. Who you gonna believe?

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Broken Merry Go Round

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